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    • Fast-ForwardFast Forward Immediate Access. You’ll get immediate access to all 21 session recordings NOW. No need to wait for the summit to begin. We’ll fast forward your access to the recordings. You can skip ahead with exclusive VIP access and watch TODAY all 21 pre-recorded sessions. Plus get immediate access to the 3 fast action bonus videos (see below).
    • Video21 Video Recordings (lifetime online access). Don’t worry about missing a session or wanting to watch a training a second time. You’ll have full 24/7 online access for the life of the site. The videos will be available anytime you what to watch. You’ll get over 15+ hours of practical real estate agent training from the best coaches in the nation.
    • Headphones21 Audio Recordings (downloadable audio mp3s). Quickly download the mp3 audio files (sound from the videos). Then you can listen on your computer, iPod, tablet, smartphone, or other listening device any time you want. Or you can burn each 45 minute session mp3 to a CD and listen in your car or while your work or even while you workout.
    • -Fast Action Bonus Video #1: “How I Sold 162 Homes Last Year As A Solo Agent And The 3 Critical Systems That Made It All Possible.” By Monica Angeles who sold 162 homes in one year as a solo agent with one part time administrative assistant (15 hours per week). In this session, Monica shares her Top 3 most important systems that contributed to her success. Some surprises: Monica does NOT use a CRM (she prefers spreadsheets), does NOT hire a Transaction Coordinator (she handles all contract details personally), does NOT Time Block, does NOT make outbound prospecting phone calls, does NOT give Closing Gifts, and she does NOT work Sundays. Monica does take 4 ten day vacations each year (and loves traveling to Europe with her entire family). Find out how she organizes each day of the week around ONE focused goal. This is a jam packed session of tips and ideas on lead generation (her 14 point touch system), time management (her unique method), and systems to make the client experience exceptional. Compliments of bonus session.
    • -Fast Action Bonus Video #2: “The 8 Hour Agent. Can An Agent Sell 8 Homes Per Year And Earn 80K In Annual GCI Working Just 8 Hours Per Week?” By Mike Cerrone who sold 113 homes in one year. This is a mind shift challenge session. We will explore the questions: “Can an agent earn full time income working part time hours?” Mike will make the case that it is possible, share how to do it, and give examples of real life agents. Mike will talk about: the ignored 3rd option, focus with leverage, lead source with the highest conversion rate, 3 levers to gain back time, how 8 hour agents can earn up to 200 per hour, 2 core agent activities, priority tasks list, the Monica Model, and the Mini-Monica. Plus see 3 sample 8 hour agent weekly schedules. Learn the 8 Hour Agent Motto: “Work Less. Play More”. Compliments of bonus session
    • -Fast Action Bonus Video #3: “Seller Facebook Ad That Results In 3 Listings Per Month For $40 Each.” By Char MacCallum who sold 210 homes in one year. Char talks about placing a Facebook post that she boosts (ad) that results in 3 listings per month for $40 each. See her sample ad and all the behind the scenes follow up screens, emails, and automated reports. You can model her exact process and duplicate her efforts. Char discovered this approach after wasting lots of funds on expensive options that did not bear fruit. Leap frog ahead and learn how to find real sellers on Facebook. Compliments of
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