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I hand-picked speakers who are at the top of their game … who multiply success … who I have the utmost respect for … and I know will be bringin’ it with massive amounts of value!

And you should know, each of them jumped on board with this summit, without hesitation, and despite their busy schedules … which speaks volumes about their passion and dedication to helping you.

Mike Ferry

"Listings Wanted:  Solving The Inventory Shortage"

David Knox

"Get Your Sellers to List Without a Place to Buy  …  Plus How To Negotiate Winning Offers with Coop Agents"

Krista Mashore

"Top Producer Secrets: The Key To 6 or 7 Figure Commissions in 2020"

Josh Schoenly

"The NEW (Easy) Way To Get HIGH INTENT (Motivated) Buyers Scheduling Calls, Starting Mortgage Applications AND Texting YOU On AUTOPILOT"

Leigh Brown

"3W’s of Attracting New Listings"

Jackie Leavenworth

"The 6 Deadly Pricing Mistakes"

Travis Robertson

"The High Performance Agent Playbook - 5 Steps to adding 3 to 10 closings per month and beyond"

Willie Miranda

"Retention and Driving Agent Productivity"

Hoss Pratt

"How to sell homes during the Coronavirus"

Danny Griffin

"The Simple Social Media Marketing Formula That Will Set You Up As A Real Expert"

Paul Wheeler

"The Fastest Way To Grow Your Business"

Linda McLean

"5 Waves of Trust so you are recognized as a TRUSTED Leader by your Clients and Staff (if you have them)"

Amy Stoehr

"What Is Your Real Estate Practice Worth? How To Value And Sell A Practice. Plus How To Grow Quickly By Purchasing Other Agent’s Client Lists."

Chantel Ray

"12 Steps To 3x (Triple) Your Business In 90 Days"

Bubba Mills

"Getting Prepared For The Next REO/Short Sale Wave"

Lars Hedenborg

"Build a Profitable Real Estate Team & Get Out of the Grind!"

Chris Watters

"Recruiting Sales People"

Jeff Cohn

"Tech Powered Hybrid Agents of The Future — Elite Real Estate Systems"

Joshua Smith

"How To Use YouTube To MASSIVELY Grow Your Real Estate Business"

Erik Hatch

"Mo' Money, Mo' Listings"

Michael Hellickson

"Leads, Listings, and Leverage The Way To Automation"

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21 Real Estate Trainers ... 7 Days ... All Online ... It's Free

All Training Sessions Are Video Format With Slide Presentations & Demonstrations

We've brought together 21 of the world’s most influential real estate coaches and trainers, and asked each of them to dive deep into their proven strategies and practical approaches to take your career to the next level.  All sesisons are VIDEO format with slide presentations and demonstrations.  See and hear your favorite speaker as they show you their best ideas.

When:  July 8th thru July 14th, 2020  (but don't wait ... get the 21 free speaker gifts today).

Where:  It's online. No traveling.  Watch video sessions on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. 

Times:  Watch when you want.  If you miss a session, replays are posted for 24 hours.

Cost:  $0, zero, ziltch, nada, nothing, none, null, goose egg, forget about it ... it's free!!!

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21 Free Gifts ... From The 21 Coaches ... To You

When you register, you'll gain immediate access to all 21 free gifts (real estate agent tools) from the speakers.  

Gifts include:  scripts, dialogs, questions, reports, audios, marketing playbook (pdf book), 7 email and text message lead conversion templates, buyer and seller lead intake forms, 5 listing generation tips, non-traditional CMA template, business plan template, listing plan with checklist, 14 steps to a listing presentation, coronavirus virtual presentation program, steps to setup home video studio, database marketing calendar, high-trust leaders checklist, agent practice acquisition checklist, succession planning guide, annual marketing plan overview, 15 tips to grow and scale, list of REO asset managers and BPO companies, business growth blueprint report, million dollar real estate team (pdf book), 7 steps to starting an iBuyer program, seller upgrade credit program guide, YouTube setup and optimization playbook,  business plan and lead generation guide, 17 best lead source list, and more ... all inside.  Join us today.

What Agents Are Saying About The Agent Success Summit


“This event is awesome. I have attended many events that over promised, under delivered or were simply sales pitches. The Agent Success Summit sessions I attended were all packed with current and useful information that was relevant to the subject! Great job. Hope you do this again next year.” – Frances Currier

Inspired Me

“I thought the summit was great. A good opportunity to hear from “the experts”. The amount of information I took away was incredible. I have a long “to do” list. They would give an idea and how they use it, and just listening to them inspired me to think of 10 other ways I could use it – I couldn’t write fast enough! So many great ideas!! My favorite part was the “gifts” from the speakers. Having the documents to look at while they were discussing them was great. So many good ideas! They shared an incredible amount of material. I also liked when the interviewer asked exactly the same question I was thinking of and the speakers were so good to answer all of them. If something was confusing it seemed to get ironed out pretty quickly. It was great to have a one-on-one going on. I would definitely attend again and recommend the summit to my friends and co-workers.”  -Paula Hartmann

Terrific Idea

“I loved it. What a variety of topics. And I want to “Thank” all the presenters. It was a terrific idea and worked very well with my schedule. No flights, no hotel rooms, and in the comfort of my own home. Cup of coffee, a good headset, a note pad, and I was set. The gifts were great too. I look forward to implementing them. Would definitely attend again! And would recommend to a friend (as long as they were not my competition) LOL! Thanks so much and thanks for sharing.” -Leisa Stilwell

Super Project

“Better than an convention. Great speakers. I took notes from most. Got some great ideas. I would recommend it and would do it again. Nice gifts. Super project!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the entire thing. Was NOT a waste of time. Now I have to type up my scribbled notes all over my desk.” -Ellen Christian

Wealth of Information

“Thank you so much for all this information! Listening to so many leaders and innovators within the industry has been extremely motivational and insightful. Occasionally, you just don't know where to go or who you can ask for help or guidance. Being able to listen to the different speakers and hear what they are passionate about has helped me immensely. I now have a plan of action that I am putting in place so that I can move forward this year. Thank you again!” -Laura Stoddard

3 Ways To Attend

Register today, even if you can't attend live. You can listen to the replays and recordings.


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Sessions Posted For 24 Hours

Flexible schedule. Listen each day at a time convenient for you.


All Sessions Recorded

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