Recordings 2016

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SESSION 1 – Mike Ferry

Strongest Listing Process Available And 10 Ways To Get More Listing Appointments

DOWNLOAD: Mike Ferry Audio MP3

SESSION 2 – Bob Corcoran

The Power of Converting Leads Into Dollars … ADDED Bonus: Effectively Using ISA’s

DOWNLOAD: Bob Corcoran Audio MP3

SESSION 3 – David Knox

Questions That Turn Prospects Into Clients

DOWNLOAD: David Knox Audio MP3

SESSION 4 – Jackie Leavenworth

Listings By The Dozen

DOWNLOAD: Jackie Leavenworth Audio MP3

SESSION 5 – Hoss Pratt

How To Succeed At Real Estate And Win At Life

DOWNLOAD: Hoss Pratt Audio MP3

SESSION 6 – Michael J Maher

How this Realtor … and Dozens of Others … Parties His Way to 100s of Referrals … For Free!

DOWNLOAD: Michael J Maher Audio MP3

SESSION 7 – Laura Duggan and Katy Freshour

Building a Family Team – Challenges and Rewards

DOWNLOAD: Laura Duggan and Katy Freshour Audio MP3

SESSION 8 – Danny Griffin

Why Misunderstanding How the Real Estate Business Really Works is Killing The Dreams of The Entrepreneurial Agent

DOWNLOAD: Danny Griffin Audio MP3

SESSION 9 – Amy Stoehr

3 Secrets To Scoring Listings In An Inventory-Deprived Market

DOWNLOAD: Amy Stoehr Audio MP3

SESSION 10 – Bubba Mills

Are Open Houses For You or the Seller? Maximizing Open Houses

DOWNLOAD: Bubba Mills Audio MP3

SESSION 11 – Josh Schoenly

Stop Selling Yourself: The 4 Step System To Attract Your Ideal Client At Will

DOWNLOAD: Josh Schoenly Audio MP3

SESSION 12 – Linda McLean

Finding Leverage: The Fool-Proof 10 Step Process For Hiring

DOWNLOAD: Linda McLean Audio MP3

SESSION 13 – Travis Robertson

Income Acceleration Formula

DOWNLOAD: Travis Robertson Audio MP3

SESSION 14 – Kristan Cole

The Rise of Expansion Teams

DOWNLOAD: Kristan Cole Audio MP3

SESSION 15 – Carin Nguyen

Fast Track To 6 Figures: The Habits and Systems Of The Top 1%

DOWNLOAD: Carin Nguyen Audio MP3

SESSION 16 – Joshua Smith

How To Make A Million Dollars Per Year Selling Real Estate

DOWNLOAD: Joshua Smith Audio MP3

SESSION 17 – Jeff Cohn

How To Build A Dominant Real Estate Team: C.L.A.P.S. Culture, Leads, Accountability, Processes, and Strategies

DOWNLOAD: Jeff Cohn Audio MP3

SESSION 18 – Joeann Fossland

Maximizing Your Time And Energy So You Are Working With The People Who Are The Highest And Best Use Of Your Time

DOWNLOAD: Joeann Fossland Audio MP3

SESSION 19 – Pat Hiban

6 Steps To Winning Every Listing!

DOWNLOAD: Pat Hiban Audio MP3

SESSION 20 – Greg McDaniel

High-Tech/High-Touch Prospecting: How To Blend Old School Salesmanship With New Tech Tools To Attract New Clients

DOWNLOAD: Greg McDaniel Audio MP3

SESSION 21 – Linda McKissack

The Importance Of Building Wealth And Passive Income While Building A Great Business In Real Estate

DOWNLOAD: Linda McKissack Audio MP3

Fast Action Bonus Videos…

Video #1: “How I listed 14 expireds in 30 days” by Wayne Turner who sold 286 homes worth $51 million in his best year.

Wayne Turner AUDIO MP3 download (right click and “save as”)
Wayne Turner SLIDES PDF download (right click and “save as”)

Video #2: “Geographic Farming” by Kenny Klaus who sold 377 homes worth $66 million in his best year.

Kenny Klaus AUDIO MP3 download (right click and “save as”)
Kenny Klaus SLIDES PDF download (right click and “save as”)

Video #3: “Internet Leads” by Mitch Ribak who sold 329 homes worth $47 million in his best year.

Mitch Ribak AUDIO MP3 download (right click and “save as”)
Mitch Ribak SLIDES PDF download (right click and “as as”)