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  • Fast-ForwardFast Forward Immediate Access. You’ll get immediate access to all 21 session recordings NOW. No need to wait for the summit to begin. We’ll fast forward your access to the recordings. You can skip ahead with exclusive VIP access and watch TODAY all 21 pre-recorded sessions. Plus get immediate access to the 3 fast action bonus videos AND the exclusive bonus training (see below).
  • Video21 Video Recordings (lifetime online access). Don’t worry about missing a session or wanting to watch a training a second time. You’ll have full 24/7 online access for the life of the site. The videos will be available anytime you what to watch. You’ll get over 15+ hours of practical real estate agent training from the best coaches in the nation.
  • Headphones21 Audio Recordings (downloadable audio mp3s). Quickly download the mp3 audio files (sound from the videos). Then you can listen on your computer, iPod, tablet, smartphone, or other listening device any time you want. Or you can burn each 45+ minute session mp3 to a CD and listen in your car or while your work or even while you workout.
  • -Fast Action Bonus Video #1: “129 Closings Per Year By Geographic Farming: How To Select, Launch, And Market In A Farm.” By Todd Smith who sold 213 homes worth 50 million in one year. Todd Smith talks about selling 129 homes in one year (11 per month) by geographic farming, growing his business by 5 fold in 5 years, and receiving an 18 to 1 ROI in his first farm. Todd describes how to select your first farm area (and how to choose future expansion farms) including: location, price range, housing type, size of farm, turnover rates, competition, dominant agent, and market share. He also talks about how long it takes to recapture your initial investment and creating consistent monthly income. Todd also describes how to launch and market into your farm. Discover the 8×8 program he uses to take over “mindshare” in the farm and quickly become the agent everyone is talking about. Then the simple mail follow up program he uses to stay top of mind (and the first agent people call). See the marketing schedule and actual marketing pieces he mails to take the dominate market share position in the farm. Compliments of
  • -Fast Action Bonus Video #2: “Six Figure Expired Listing and FSBO Handwritten Letter System.” By Lars Hedenborg who sold 453 homes worth 117 million in one year. Lars Hedenborg talks about his handwritten letter program to expired listings and for sale by owners that has consistently brought in 100k to 300k in GCI each year. This ONE letter program is simple, yet powerful. See a sample letter you can model. Learn what the envelope looks like for highest open rate. Plus see and hear the script you can use to convert the call from the seller into a listing appointment. And get the conversion rates so you can plan your successful campaign. Compliments of
  • -Fast Action Bonus Video #3: “How to Find Seller Listings in Your Past Client and Sphere of Influence Database.” By Jay Acker who sold 408 homes worth 98 million in one year. Jay Acker shares how he finds seller listings in his past client and sphere of influence database. It is a very simple plan. You need one tech tool (probably already have it in your MLS), one script, and the desire to find the gold (listings). Jay shares his favorite one-minute friendly script and how he responses to the statement: “I don’t know anyone.” Find out how he averages 5 listings for every 100 people in his database with this method. Compliments of
  • -Exclusive Bonus Training Video: “Single Email That Results In An ONLINE REVIEW 99% Of The Time.” By Desi Sowers who sold 78 homes worth 17 million in one year as a solo agent. Desi Sowers talks about her single email to clients that results in an online review 99 percent of the time. Most agents ask for the review at the WRONG time, in the WRONG way, and send the client to the WRONG place. Desi describes the perfect time to ask when the client is at a “high-happy-emotional point” (not what you think). Then she sends the perfect message (see her exact text in the training). Plus she uses a single system to collect and distribute the review to multiple sites (discover her inexpensive service provider). Online reviews add credibility to your offers and “close the deal” when prospects are thinking about hiring you (or referring their friends). Find out how to get more online reviews inside this training. Compliments of
  • Guarantee30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Watch & listen to the amazing training sessions risk-free for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, send us an email and receive a full refund … no-questions asked. We know you’re going to love and profit from the recordings.